Winter is Yucky & Mama is Grumpy!

Seriously, its fricken freezing here! I am a lover of many things, although cold weather is not one of them! I would almost revert to saying I hate cold weather. That’s how much I despise winter. Around this time of year and for the past nineteen years, I become angry at my husband for suggesting to move here. He has come to the point where he expects it. He knows it is coming his way. With that said, I feel compelled to try my hand at a poem to elaborate all of my plight. Name it whatever you want, it will still have the emphasis for me, that winter sucks!

I don’t expect a Pulitzer prize or intend to be a member of some poet’s society – if there is such a thing. This is purely a juvenile (and possibly adorkable) attempt of mine to release my angst these winter months have thrust upon me. I suspect some reader who happens to see this, roll their eyes and hopefully chuckle a tad. I would actually prefer your empathy. If you live in a wintering area and actually enjoy this frozen type of hell, I’m sorry, but you’re sick and we cannot be friends. Alright, here goes…


My hands are constantly freezing

My nose is constantly sneezing

My cheeks are full of pressure

My loathing of winter has no measure.


I want to stay in bed under my warm covers

Getting out of bed does seem to be getting tougher

This crap has got to go

I will lose my shit if it decides to snow.


I don’t want to bundle up

I wish those who wished the summer away would shut up

These people just don’t know

The misery I feel when I am cold.


If I am forced to wipe my nose one more time

I am going to lose my mind

You see, this weather blows

And if I hear one more person wish for snow,

I may just tell them where to go.


~ Thank you & Goodnight


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