The substance of things hoped for…


“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”




Faith. A word we have all incorporated in at least some small aspect of our lives. A word that we put into practice during times of uncertainty or duress. A word with unforeseen value, encouraging us to function and move forward with hopeful prospects that better days are sure to come. Sometimes faith is incorporated with a higher power whereas a place of worship is congregated with those of the same essential belief systems and sometimes faith is simply a replacement where a circumstance is met with great anticipation for a positive result.

This simplistic word appears to behold enormous power that generates potential strength we may not have realized we possess inside ourselves. Yet, what is the outcome when our faith does not meet our expectations for the improved circumstances?

This is where the mind plays its tricks and works so boldly against us. We begin to question our faith and our worthiness. Our self-talk can be damaging and our commitments can waver. Faith can work for, or against us; creating a great divide in our common world.

When I speak of faith, I do not speak of religion, necessarily. I speak of the hopeful outcome and the essential belief system that coincide with daily functioning. Some may choose it to be a religious nature of course, others may portray this topic to be the essentials within the mind to just get them through their lives and on to a better path. Such paths just might become intrusive ones, working against another for power, glorification, or proof of existence.

Everyone encompasses a different idea of their personal faith. Faith can be or not have anything to do with ethics. But somehow, it does consistently fare well in to what we personally see fit.

Is it realistic to put faith into the hands of karma, for example? Or to God himself? Or another person deemed trustworthy or at a higher scale to do us that solid? Perhaps having faith in ourselves should be a better way to go. Although, in a world full of self-fulfillment, is that perspective, too selfish?

What are we looking to gain from our faith really? Do we all want unity overall or will we succeed in blowing up our precious planet? What is the point of our faith in any respect, when we will end up the same way: Our hearts beating no more.

If you ask me, don’t have faith. Have gratitude. Seek the positive in all your perceptions and circumstances through learning and acceptance. I believe being grateful for what currently is, rather than faith in what you hope for it to be, is more immediately gratifying in itself. Don’t you think?


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