My Rights to do the “Happy Dance”

It is mother’s day weekend and it is at this very moment I am choosing to hold down the couch, in spite of the countless things I must do today. It is raining nonstop outside. This is a good thing. Our little desert town surely needs it. What’s more, the sound of the rain and the blackened sky, seems to bring contentment out of my very core. Hence, it is 1:45 on a Saturday afternoon, and I have accomplished nothing. Yet at some point, “adulting” will call me back.

The elder son’s prom is today. I am not sure who has the right to claim their right to passage on this: He or I, but it is certainly a happy mommy moment. It is I he chose to assist him in picking out his tuxedo and the corsage for his prom date. It is also I, who talked him in to going when since the beginning of his high school career, he insistently refused. Then, a text from him came in one day. “So to make you happy, I am asking someone to the prom.”

I took a moment to take it all in and as not to sound overly excited and to avoid spooking him out of his decision, I texted him back with a cool sounding, “Okay, let me know how I can help out.” Meanwhile, on the other end, I was doing the happy dance at my desk at work. Of course, I will never tell him.

We have actually been allowed to meet this young lady. We’ve even been allowed to have her over for dinner a few times. AND, last night they accepted our invitation to take  them out to dinner. He has actually kept his room clean without prompting. We’ve observed him apologizing to her for his bed being unmade. He’s been…nice! To me! Who is this kid? Could this young lady be THE one? I find my husband and I simply looking at one another and shrugging with astonishment. I know this is adorable and cute and all, but this is clearly not our son. If this is his attempt to weird out his parents, it is working.

Still, the clock is ticking away till the time of tie adjustments, the fastening of cufflinks and of course tons of picture taking. For the sake of all the time and expense the lavish couple and their parents have taken in order to obtain such rights of passage in all our lives, I will hope for the rain to cease and return at a later time. And, I will do everything I can to avoid doing the happy dance in front of them. But no promises!

Love Always,






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