And the adage to my gray hair and midlife crisis in the making

My Midlife Crisis in the Making...

My oldest son…my first born. The little peanut who grew from the time of my honeymoon and came into the world after almost 3 days of beyond painful labor and instantly forgave the moment I saw his sweet little face. The very person who made me a mom for the first time. The person who inspired me to be a better me – for him.
The person who today, is one of my best friends (he may differ) and my worst enemy. He can unexpectedly be a ball of sunshine and then expectantly these days, a jerk.

Considering how I was to my own mother at that age, it is a curse well-deserved and brought on it’s karma biting like a bitch! (I’m so, so, sorry mom!).

“Mr. Man”, as I like to call him, is a stranger to me these days. A known stranger. He is at the age…

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