The Unstunningly Average Versus the Stunningly Unaverage (and those in-between)

My little town…

What once appeared to be a quaint, little, rural community has somehow overnight transformed into a crowded suburbia. A suburbia chock full of what appears to be at times, entitled individuals who go about their day without what I regard as common courtesy to others – unless it’s Christmastime, then the “courtesy” resonates, ’cause you know it’s the trendy thing to do (Sarcasm intended).

We have in our little town, uh-hum…Suburban town, your residents who have been not so fortunate in their lives by way of addiction or loss of employment mainly. We have those who I comparatively name the, “Stepford  Families”,  which are those residing in executive homes with perfect hair, teeth, offspring, and the social stamina that coexists with it all. Sounds like the average suburbs, right?

My family teeters somewhere in-between.

Sure, we are happy with our life; alive with humility and dignity. We are what some may refer to as a working middle class family. I’m not ashamed. Not in the least. I know there are more of us out there in our little suburbia, perhaps under rocks only coming out at night. Nah, they exist in our tight-knit little circle and I treasure their friendship immensely!

High School football games are fun to attend because I get to observe this relatively amusing status quo (Yes, I have an evil side). You have parents to one side creating a typical scene (which I presume the child of that said parent is cringing), either cussing away and threatening the coach because “Johnny” wasn’t utilized for his obvious talents or said parent was too high on something to be able to contain themselves, while other parents try to intervene using similar vulgarities. At which point, the “Stepfords” are essentially reacting in shock despite the fact that it has been a weekly norm.

The positive: It’s entertainment at a reasonably low price.

In my little town, we “working middle class” have an occasional get-together with quite an eclectic group: Some ride Motorcycles, others ride dirt bikes and quads, others go camping, some hunt game, hike, are computer geeks, working, retired, single, married, divorced, straight, gay, drink, don’t drink, smoke cigarettes or don’t. Some are of a Christian or Jewish faith, Buddhist, Wiccan or Pagan, or have no particular faith at all. We have BBQ’s, hang around the fire pit, we photo bomb one another’s pictures, check after each other’s children, and have done some shamefully poor karaoke and laughed till we almost peed. Our children of various ages hang out together where older is encouraged to mentor younger.

We are essentially a gaggle of misfits.

And just like everyone else; we breathe, we bleed, and we poop. But I love the fact that we all share the humility and dignity only us working middle class families can outwardly display and laugh at ourselves about! It is these crazy and fun people my family and I relate to the best. Our children have known most of them since birth and value them as they would family.

I love my suburban town!


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2 Responses to The Unstunningly Average Versus the Stunningly Unaverage (and those in-between)

  1. vickiewhat says:

    Go Viva, Go! I love reading your thoughts. On everything. Keep up the great work. Very interesting viewpoint from the middle.

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