As a loving and feisty (Okay, potentially moody), wife of twenty years to a pretty decent guy, a mother of two well-contrasted, teenaged boys, their life-long friends, a furry menagerie, and sister to my own life long-friends,

I welcome you to my blog…

For the past three years, I’ve played around with the design of this site, as well as considering what I feel the theme should be. I admit, I am still a tad bit indecisive.

I am a lover of many things, although not too much a contributor to the hobby lobby thing. I honestly could not Pinterest my way through a paper bag or want to dedicate the time to do it patiently.

My interests right now involve seeing my beloved sons become good men, cultivating my relationships with my husband and my friends, working, taking the occasional family road trips and of course doting on my fur babies. I have also joined forces of other pre-menopausal women of the world, basically trying to not lose my shit for apparently no logical reason while functioning the best I can in a house full of males who cannot understand any of it. But I do love to laugh and make others laugh also.

I do love to cook and bake. I love holidays. I suck at gift giving and sending cards. Although, I am great at calling a loved one to check up on them.

So, as it stands, “Midlife Crisis” will be the forefront of this blog for now. This time of my life is the beginning of my end. This entails yearning for more wisdom and so much more contentment in previous years, more time to pamper myself, and less time to really give a shit on small matters. Above all, I can supportively claim I do not know it all and desire more and more wisdom to achieve what matters in life. In as many aspects as I can.

My family antics will continue to remain another major component of this page. I hope to include something that defines just me, however. Aside from fashionable insanity.

I hope my fellow bloggers will assist me in finding my niche here in blogland. I feel the best start would include some positive feedback and/or critique that may promote my literary and personal growth. Like so many of you, I have remarkable stories to tell, just need some guidance in telling them.

Thank you for reading my humble little blog page. I hope you’ll continue to stop in and say hello. If you are new to my page, welcome! For everyone, I hope you’ll provide a shout out about your own happenings on this page as well! When one essentially pours their inner most thoughts out into the world, it is nice to hear a tidbit or two, knowing someone appreciates your work or finds what you have to say as relatable.

Again, welcome!


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    • Hi, is it too late? LOL! I suck, I know. I am trying to get back into the swing of things on here and dedicate myself more. I’m so sorry. Thank you so much for thinking of me in that way. I will do my best to be more receptive to such an honor. Hope you’re well MamaL!


  1. vickiewhat says:

    Hi. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I love your blog and can’t wait to read your response!


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  2. mamalisa4 says:

    I’m here!! I have been meaning to stop by but life has been dragging my by my ankles while I kick and scream. I’m sure you know the feeling!! Can’t wait to check out your blog!! Looks good so far!! 🙂

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